Friday, February 26, 2010

{weekend is here}

My friends, what are your plans for the weekend? I have a few ideas up my sleeve. I'm thinking I'll ride my bike (actually rent one since I don't have one) down the Santa Monica pier. I've been wanting to do that since I've been here. I've also wanted to walk up runyon canyon, heard it's a great workout. And last but not least maybe take a trip to Ikea especially after seeing the office below. I actually still have a gift card from Christmas to use.
toki collection 1
toki collection 2
While working in the men’s department at L.A’s Ron Herman, Tonia Kim got the attention of the store’s buyers after they saw her impressive jewelry creations. They quickly placed an order for her pieces. Contemplative about her career path, Tonia moved to Chicago for law school but returned to her true metalworking passion upon graduation. Soon after, Toki Collection was born.
toki collection 3
After studying metalsmithing, casting and stone setting, Tonia began creating her nature inspired collections, further mastering her acute technique. Her handcrafted pieces are made primarily of oxidized sterling silver and 10k or 14k yellow and white gold. Such beautiful pieces.
toki collection 4
With a view of Chicago’s skyline, Tonia works from her spacious city studio. She is inspired by her worldly travels, organic found objects and her experimental discoveries. Committed to protecting the environment, she uses recycled precious metals from eco-conscious refineries
{images/article: stylesight}

Don't you love her space? I want my home office to look like that. Completely organized, colorful and full of inspiration.

Have a lovely lovely weekend! See you Monday :)


  1. This is FANTASTIC!!!! Why am I just hearing about her?? What a great find - OMG, she's my new to do more research on her. GREAT POST!!!

  2. So are we going to Ikea this weekend hahaha


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