Monday, January 25, 2010

{morning coffee run}

There's not a better way to begin your day with sun and a morning coffee.
PhotoShoot 1 300
PhotoShoot 1 304
photoshoot twirl 6
{Mango Boots : Alex and Ani Bracelets}
I truly LOVE these bracelets. I wear them often (basically everday), not to
mention they are unique and eco-friendly.
PhotoShoot 1 302
{other items not mentioned above: Madewell 1937 top, Zara pants, Vintage scarf, Gucci bag}

I had to do it, it only seemed natural to spin and twirl around in this scarf. It was sooo much fun!
photoshoot twirl 4


  1. Slightly obsessing over the peep toe ankle booties....may do a drive by! Luvs luvs the photos, keep doin u TPizz!!! ;)

  2. oh my gosh Tara! You look amazing. I totally love that 'fit!! And that scarf is bananas! :)

  3. i have a similar scarf in black. rockin outfit girl <3


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