Friday, January 8, 2010


One of my best friends is currently traveling London {completely jealz} right now with her husband - and I've been begging her to send me pics so I can post on my blog. More of that to come later. But on the otherhand she is hounding me to get a passport and in all honesty I should already have one. I know! I know! When I talked to her briefly yesterday, she put it nicely when she said, "Its a symbol of our freedom and every American should have one." So before this year is over, I'll have my passport.

I can already see myself flying internationally, packing the most amazing outfits and being inspired from the photos below. Countdown to passport, counting 3, 2, 1...

flying 1
flying 2
flying 4
flying 5
flying 6
flying 7
Images: FashionGoneRogue

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  1. I guess it's time to update my travel wardrobe;)

  2. I def need to update my travel wardrobe as well -I usually wear sweats. LOL!

  3. oh, wow! your blog is beautiful! love your style girlfriend! yes this editorial was just fabulous! i saw sometime last week on television, they were discussing how people nowadays don't dress up like they use to back in the day. now everybody is in sweats and flip flops. our parents and grandparents dressed up. i remember my grandmother in her hat, gloves and pearls, and the men always wore suits. funny how time has changed.

    thank you for adding me to your blog roll. i'll be doing the same. i'm off now, i'll be away for several weeks, but i'll be back in February. have a fabulous week!

    God Bless,


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