Thursday, December 31, 2009


Let me start off by saying, I love college football. Yes! I am that girl that sits on a Saturday and watches all the games, starting with ESPN college gameday and ending it with the highlights. I truly think it started when my dad tried to teach my 3 sisters and I the in's and outs of every sport out there. Back then I was wishing I  had a brother as we or should I say I was bored stiff. But as the years went on I really got into football, the traditions and continuous winning seasons. I guess the rest is history as I  fulfilled my dream to attend The Ohio State University and went to every home game.

What a great feeling this morning! I went out to grab a coffee and wouldn't you know there was a line of Buckeye fans at the Original Pantry Cafe downtown LA. For a split second it felt like my second home (Columbus, Ohio). I'm over excited to be joining these buckeye fans tomorrow as I'm going to the Rose Bowl game {jumping up and down}. Friends are headed into town now for the game so I must get off of here and show them what LA is all about.

rose bowl 1
rose bowl 4
rose bowl 3
rose bowl 7
rose bowl 5

Have a safe and Happy New Year! Look forward to many stylish memories in 2010!

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  1. So jealous. Love the post and wish I could be there, but...I'll see ya next week!


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