Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ever curious of what other people are wearing in other cities, states or even countries? I know at least for me sometimes, I get so zoned in my daily routines and regimented schedule that a few days or even weeks go by without me checking - sad to admit but true. Sooo to keep us both up to date I'll be sure to post periodically what our surrounding fashion friends are wearing. And with no further ado, why don't we see what London is up to.
london 7
Entire fit - FAB!
london 6
Lovin the vintage coat, colorful belt and taupe boots!
london 2
Nice touch of pink here, off set with the grey handbag!
london 5
Mix of colors with the fur hat makes this fit sooo cute!
london 1
Been lookin for a coat/lightweight jacket this color, Adore!

{update 12/21/09} saw this today while blogging and just couldn't help but post it as the fur jacket is amazing
and subtle studs on the side!!!
london 4

Images courtesy of StreetStyle London, StreetStyle Aesthetics.